Fundraising Ideas

Students are invited to create Socktober-inspired fundraising activities and collect donations from family and friends for their efforts.

Socktober fundraising ideas include:

  • Hold a ‘Crazy Sock Day’ and encourage your students to wear crazy socks all over their body—what is the most creative way they can wear socks? Get children to donate a gold coin to participate.
  • Host a ‘Rock Your Socks Off’ dance party, either during a lunch break, or maybe an after-school disco fundraiser with a gold coin contribution.
  • Pass the Sock Around’ as a fundraiser in your classroom, year or throughout the entire school and ask people to place their donations in the sock.
  • Have a ‘Sock-tion’ of different items, and auction pairs of socks obtained from famous people, such as football players.
  • Hold a movie day, with a movie that focuses on feet, dancing and socks 
    (e.g. ‘Happy Feet’, ‘Footloose’).
  • Have a competition to see which student can create the best sock puppet, then hold a puppet show and charge an entry fee for the event.

Please contact your local Catholic Mission Diocesan Director or phone 1800 257 296 should you need any extra information or resources, and to inform us of your fundraising activities. Your Catholic Mission Diocesan Director will also be able to provide suggestions for making your fundraising more effective in your school.