Fundraising Projects

Mother Claudia Nursery and Primary School

Located near the city of Hoima, two hours north of Bujuni, Mother Claudia Nursery and Primary School, run by the Cistercian Sisters of Charity, provides quality education for children between the ages of 4 and 14. In Uganda, there are many issues which can prevent or limit children attending school and receiving a vital education. Mother Claudia aims to reduce these barriers to ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive an education.

In Uganda, children often travel hours each day, usually on foot, to get to school.

It is common for them to leave their home when it is still very early in the morning and not arrive home until it is late at night. Their journey is often dangerous, as there is a high risk of exploitation or abduction, especially for female students.

After grade 4, many children do not have the option to continue education at Mother Claudia due to financial difficulties. With your financial support, via the work of Catholic Mission, children from financial disadvantaged families can receive quality education, by way of scholarship, at Mother Claudia Nursery and Primary school.

Mother Claudia needs your support today to help more children receive a full education.