Fundraising Projects

St Luke Health Centre

St Luke Health Centre is located in Bujuni, in western Uganda. Led by Sister Mary Goretti of the Daughters of Mary and her professional medical staff, St Luke’s offers quality community health care and medical services to the local people in the parish of Hoima.

Being the only affordable health centre in the region, St Luke Health Centre is a popular local choice for families when they fall sick. There are many families however, who live far away from the township of Bujuni, and still choose to travel for hours by motorbike, or on foot to the Centre when sickness strikes.

The Centre is currently in need of major repair and rennovation as their facilities attempt to function with leaking roofs and not enough space to cater for their many patients. There is also a need for a new ambulance service to reach out to families in their homes in their time of need.

The current children’s ward is serviced with just a few beds in an overcrowded room. And Sister Mary, and the team at St Luke’s have plans to extend this unit by building a new separate area to cater for the many children.

To ensure the vital work that the team at St Luke’s is doing for the community of Bujuni, as well as the needed upgrades for the centre happen, Sister Mary needs your support.