Fundraising Projects

The dedicated staff at St Luke Health Centre, led by Sister Mary Goretti from the Daughters of Mary, a native Ugandan order, work tirelessly to provide community health care and medical services to children and mothers in need.

Bujuni is located three hours west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. The dirt roads are very windy and bumpy, and many families live a long distance from the main township. Most families do not own a vehicle, neither a car or a motorbike, so the main way of transportation is by walking. Some children walk for hours each day to get to school, as there is no public transport available in the area.

Unlike Australia, where there is excellent access to hospitals via car or ambulance, in rural Uganda it is extremely difficult to access health facilities when a child is sick. Malaria and typhoid are common diseases that children are susceptible to, and proper treatment needs to be sought as quickly as possible, which is a problem for many families in rural areas.

Thankfully, with your help, the medical services provided at St Luke Health Centre, such as treatment of patients at the centre, and outreach to local schools educating children on good health practices, will continue to improve. In addition, a new ambulance service will ensure that people living in remote regions can receive urgent medical attention when they need it most.